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Hypnosis is the use of relaxation, visualization, and focused attention to bring about change. Suzie takes a mind-body-spirit approach (transpersonal hypnotherapy) to identifying and releasing blocks that are keeping you stuck in undesirable patterns. This approach helps you to shift thoughts and behaviors that keep problematic habits, behaviors, and negative thinking in place.  It is also an excellent avenue for self-discovery. 

Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy) is a wonderful tool for self-discovery and healing. Using guided imagery and other techniques, your body-mind-spirit system can efficiently resolve barriers to your success by addressing the factors underlying distress and undesirable habits. This affords opportunities to address what lies below the surface instead of taking top-down approach. Creating optimal conditions for relaxation and focus, your subconscious mind acts like a computer to pull files associated with undesirable behaviors, thinking patterns, emotional disturbances, and other key information. Using the power of focus and the subconscious mind, your system can promptly address barriers and imbalances in a gentle, comfortable way.

Suzie honors each person's spirituality and its vital role in wellbeing. Accessing unconditional love through the heart center, forwards healing, movement, understanding, and brings about more joy. 

Hypnosis may be used to address a number of everyday concerns, like weight management, smoking cessation, nail biting, fears/phobias, anxiety, study skills, and more. Suzie's specialties are as follows:
Becoming Your Authentic Self
Intuition Development
Increasing Insight into Situations & Self
Achieving Life Goals
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Life Coaching

Life coaching is a partnership that helps people to create fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. It is a process of addressing specific personal projects, business successes, and transitions life, relationships or career. Life coaching focuses on the now, identifies obstacles or challenges, and helps you to choose a course of action. It aids the change process through discovery, planning, support, accountability, and encouragement. In short, life coaching helps you to create more of what you want in your life, by focusing on what is working well. 

Transformational Life Coaching considers the whole person. This form of coaching focuses on discovery, clarification, and alignment with values and priorities. Life Coaching helps to improve performance, deepens learning, and overall enhances quality of life. Transformational Coaching acknowledges your innate greatness. It recognizes that you have all the answers & solutions within you. Coaching is about helping you to uncover those answers and solutions.  A great Life Coach asks powerful questions and uses the right tools to help you look inward, to find your answers & to move forward. It is an encouraging and empowering experience that leads to expanded awareness. 

It's important to know that Life Coaching meets you where you are today and helps you to be more effective, moving forward with passion, purpose, and planning. 

Coaching is not advice, therapy, counseling, fixing, or mentoring. Instead, it is supportive, action-oriented, and evolving. Like the Chambered Nautilus, Transformational Life Coaching helps you to create more room to grow. 

Transformational Coaching can focus on any area of life. The beauty of of this approach is that you choose the focus of every session.  A few ideas include the following: 

Creating more balance in life
Relationships and intimacy
Stress management
Spirituality and personal growth
Authentic expression of your true self
Entrepreneurial and small business development
Career planning and development
Motivation and time management
Creativity for artists, writers, musicians and performers
Finances and budgeting
Health, aging, lifestyle and self-care
Family and parenting
And others
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Energy Healing

Each session begins with a discussion about your unique situation, goals, and desires. You are guided to select an intention for the session. It may be healing of an illness/injury, relieving pain, balancing emotions, releasing trauma, creating more opportunities, improving self-expression, or any other heart-felt desire. After the intention is set, Suzie uses energy testing to identify and balance the factors interfering with optimal wellbeing, health, and fulfillment of your intention. 

Various healing modalities may be used, based upon your needs and preferences. Each is selected through energy testing. All are gentle, relaxing, and astonishingly effective. In-person sessions may also include music/sound therapy, aromatherapy, or manual techniques like auriculotherapy (ear reflexology). The use of energy testing supports your system's priorities for growth and healing.  This means that you receive the right work at the right time, for maximum benefit. 

Upon conclusion, energy testing is used to identify self-care activities for grasshopper leaps of growth as well as an optimal follow-up schedule (if indicated). 

Suzie's clients have experienced incredible success with a wide range of situations and challenges, including severe, chronic physical problems, emotional disturbances, problematic habits, spiritual blocks & others. 

Please note that energy work is not a replacement for medical care, counseling, or behavioral health/addiction services. It is important to maintain a close relationship with a physician and/or behavioral health provider. 

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